Progress through Partnership



Our Clinical Trial Network speeds the delivery of new and better therapies to patients with amyloidosis.  This network consists of a highly collaborative team of core amyloidosis centers, devoted to all the types of systemic amyloidosis. The Clinical Trial Network is focused on expediting and optimizing clinical research through efficient clinical trial design.  By implementing a dynamic, team approach when working with stakeholders and regulatory bodies, this network will address the barriers that slow down the delivery of promising therapies. 

Industry Partners 

ARC brings together a network of researchers and project leaders who work closely with industry at every stage of the amyloidosis disease therapeutic development process. We are committed to advancing the most promising ideas for breakthrough treatments. We will find innovative ways to advance promising therapies and develop the tools and programs to implement them. We will partner with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help advance our mission.

Our unbiased expertise, coupled with our unparalleled view of the field, allows us to broker key introductions and foster critical collaborations that can help propel the best ideas toward regulatory approval and marketability.

Join the consortium - partners aligned around one goal, driven by patient needs.

The Leadership Team


Isabelle Lousada, CEO/President 





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