Patients & Caregivers

ARC is here to help you throughout your amyloidosis journey.

Understanding your disease is the first step to getting the care you need.

Learning to navigate an amyloidosis diagnosis can be overwhelming. ARC provides the support, resources and empowerment for patients and caregivers to be knowledgeable in their disease and seek access to the best individualized treatment and care possible.

Gaining a better understanding of the disease, its treatment options, symptoms and complications can help you and your support network make informed decisions about your treatment and care. It will also enable you to communicate effectively and form a strong alliance with your healthcare team.

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Newly Diagnosed

Learn about the necessary steps you should take after getting a diagnosis.

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Finding Support

There are a variety of support resources to help you adjust to life with amyloidosis.

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Learn more about ARC’s efforts to establish the standard of care and how you can get involved.

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We have a variety of resources to ensure you get the best possible care

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Become a part of our community.

Hearing from other patients and caregivers who are going through similar experiences can be very comforting especially in the rare disease community. Sharing your story can provide the encouragement to others going through similar journeys with amyloidosis.

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Get Information and Support

A specialist on our team can provide treatment information, resources and the support you need to navigate your diagnosis.

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Find Clinical Trials and Treatment Centers

My Amyloidosis Pathfinder (MAP) connects amyloidosis patients to appropriate treatment centers and clinical trials specific to the patient’s type and stage of disease.

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